Fortunately, the bug that I’ve selected for my contribution to the project is something I understand.

Here’s the background:

So, in processing.js, there are a lot of commands that can be called upon to perform different objectives. For example, if I want to draw an empty rectangle, I could write a sketch as follows:

	void setup() {

	void draw(){  
		rect(30, 20, 55, 55);

(A full list of command references for processing.js is available here)

I would link the sketch to a canvas in HTML, and the browser would render it as so:

Now, if I wanted to make the edges around this rectangle rounded, to make it look nicer, I could just add an additional parameter in the arguement, which is the width of the radius of the roundness, such as so (which was contributed by John Buckley):

rect(30, 20, 55, 55, 10);

And the result would be:

However, if I wanted to achieve the same rounded edges on a 3D rectangle (more appropriately, a cube), there is no function for that yet.

This is what I have to work on in the coming weeks 🙂

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