So I setup my Github account, forked over John Buckley’s source code and installed and cloned the repository on my local machine.

I also downloaded processing 2.0 to be able to run and test sketches quickly. (If you’re annoyed by the external links, sorry, it stops here!)

I started browsing through the source code and most of the file structure didn’t make sense to me. I did find the 700kb processing.js file in the root directory, which I think will be the main file I will be confined to.

However, I am not sure if processing 2.0 that I downloaded uses the latest processing.js version as when I try to create a primitive 3d shape, such as a box, I get the following error:
box() is not available with this renderer.

I tried running the same sketch on firefow directly too and it still didnt work. Puzzling, as the functions I am using are listed on processing.js’s references website and even the sketch is taken from their example!

I am trying to run it with the following code..

void setup()

void draw()
   translate(58, 48, 0); 

Error that processing spits out:
translate(), or this particular variation of it, is not available with this renderer.
rotateY() can only be used with a renderer that supports 3D, such as P3D or OPENGL.
box() is not available with this renderer.

Time to google for solution….

Comment now!