Since I’m already a little familiar with the processing-js (pjs) code, and have the repository setup on my local machine and my github account, I thought I would just select another pjs bug to work on, rather than jump ship and join another open source project.
I found two bugs that I think I can take on. One is relatively simple and the other will take me more time, so hopefully together they will make up for my project for this semester.

bug #1606 – There seems to be a problem running pjs in compatibility mode of IE9. It seems the HTML tags used to link ths pjs code inside the html code does not work in compatibility mode, but works fine in the standard IE9 mode. So the objective is to alert the developer coding in pjs if he has not used the correct HTML tags, that his sketch might not run in IE9 compatibility mode.

#1392 – This is a bug with the filter() function in pjs. When the ‘blur’ argument is passed, the sketch starts doing something funny. It starts moving the whole canvas up and to the left very slowly, as if transposing the whole canvas up and to the left.

So I’m going to be looking into these bugs and posting my findings here as I make any progress. Stay tuned!

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