Having written a first draft of the Mozilla mouse lock tests, I went ahead to put it all together and run them on my nightly build.

I created a new test branch on my github for the tests I had written, and added the two new files in the conventional mochi test format:

    <pre id="test">
        <script type="application/javascript">

            /** Test for Bug 633602 **/
            /** Test to see if navigator.pointer object is of MouseLockable type **/
            SimpleTest.waitForFocus(function() {
              var c = navigator.pointer;
			  var IsSameType = c instanceof MouseLockable;
			  is(IsSameType, true, "Error message");

I added the two tests in the following directory: mozilla-central\dom\tests\mochitest\mouselock

Edited the Makefile.in to include my tests:

    test_isInstanceofMouselockable.html \
    test_mouseLockableHasRequiredMethods.html \

And I was ready to give them a test after merging in all the final changes from humphd.

I did a rebuild of the firefox in my new test branch after resolving merge conflicts and ran the tests:

TEST_PATH=dom/tests/mochitest/mouselock/test_isInstanceofMouselockable.html make -C ffobjdir mochitest-plain
TEST_PATH=dom/tests/mochitest/mouselock/test_mouseLockableHasRequiredMethods.html make -C ffobjdir mochitest-plain

Results are below. Final step was to send a pull request to the Mozilla MouseLock test module owner Raymond here

Passed Has Required Methods TestPassed is instance of MouseLockable test

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